Jay Foundation Marks World Prematurity Month; Disinfects Hospitals

The organization engaged in a series of activities from November 14 including cleaning and disinfecting Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), providing breakfast for mothers, donating food items to mothers and babies, and engaging mothers of preterm babies at the Tema General, Korle Bu, Shai Odusoku and Keta hospitals.

Items donated to these hospitals each include Twelve (12) Muslin Cloths, Twelve (12) Tommy Tippee feeding bottles, Four (4) Cot Bedsheets, Two (2) Bedsheets, Cow & Gate Infant Milk 6 x 800g, Six (6) Baby Changing Mat, Eighteen (18) Baby Wipes, Baby Clothes (several packs) Baby Bips (packs) and Baby Socks (packs).

Others are Sixty (60) cot sheets, Ten (10) bedsheets, Four (4) Towel sets, Baby diapers for Preemies, Slightly used baby clothes, footwear, baby carriers, diaper bags, and more.

Founder of the organization Naa Kuorkor Mayne-Eghan noted “World Prematurity Day is on the 17th of November, and the whole month of November is recognized as World Prematurity Month solely to create awareness for babies born preterm.”

She went on to say “In Ghana, the Jay Foundation decided to celebrate world prematurity month in grand style this year. Our main aim has been to reduce the infection rate in our hospitals, thereby reducing the mortality rate in the country.”

“We noticed that in Greater Accra, Korle Bu and Tema General NICUs cater for the most neonates. Korle Bu Teaching hospital NICU receives 70 to 100 babies in a day and Tema General Hospital NICU receives forty to fifty babies in a day. We, therefore, decided to clean their NICUs thoroughly as we did last year just to reduce the rate of infection so that more babies can thrive.”

She added “we also decided to visit some of our media partners to clear the air about the stigmatization attached to prematurity, educate listeners and viewers on prematurity and engage the public on this topic that people don’t want to discuss because of their painful experiences. We also gave some mothers breakfast on Tuesday, World Prematurity Day”.

Mrs Mayne-Eghan further revealed that “we have also donated tiny baby clothing, cot sheets, bedsheets, wipes, diapers, food, baby milk for the babies at the NICU at Korle Bu. We will do the same to the Tema General and Shai Osudolku NICUs soon”.

“All these are to ensure that our babies are healthy and will thrive which is our short-term goal as a foundation.”

The foundation hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic ends soon so that it can travel to the rural areas to engage more mothers and share their problems related to preterm birth too.

Source: Ghana/africanentertainment.com

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