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Our Activities

Our Main Activities

Jay Foundation has been undertaken a number of activities since it’s inception. These are grouped in various categories with brief summaries below.

Hospital Outreaches and Donations

Activity Summary

The Jay Foundation has realized the need to equip hospitals with neonatal facilities with medical equipment, baby clothings, medications, baby milk, food items for expectant mothers and preterm mothers, cleaning materials and many more.

We do not just donate these items, we also have regular talks with expectant and preterm mother as well as the medical staff at the Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

World Pre-Maturity Day Celebrations

Activity Summary

In 2019, we came up with the kids project where children between the ages of 2-14 sold yummy things like cookies, cakes, popcorn, ice cream, juices, drinks, chips, just to mention a few, at the Accra Mall and Marina Mall to raise funds to purchase oxygen and it’s related items for some hospitals with NICUs and to create the needed awareness on the success stories of Preterm Babies.

Due to COVID 19, we have not been able to continue with the Kids’ Project but we will at the right time.

God bless these little ones.

Radio and Television Outreaches

Activity Summary

Prematurity is such that it springs a huge surprise on you. No mother is ever prepared for this. It is in this regard, that our media team periodically visit media houses or our media partners to educate the public on prematurity and it’s related complications. We normally go with doctors or midwives to help with the sensitization.

There is also a myth about it allowing most people in the hinter lands to believe, attach spiritually to it and deprive babies and their mothers the chance to live or survive.

We are there the voice of these speeches babies and we fight to enable them thrive and be accepted.

Documentaries and Educational Videos

Activity Summary

We realized the need for the above after visiting several hospitals and assessing their needs.

So we came up with the diaries of mothers who have had preterm babies to encourage other mother so they don’t feel alone or left out and these can be found on our YouTube channel or page:
Jay Foundation YouTube Channel.

Neonates’ Building Projects

Activity Summary

From our interactions with the Ministry, we were reliably informed that, it was in 2012, that the Ministry of Health considered the provision of separate Pediatric Wards and Neonatal Facilities for our hospitals in Ghana.

This explains why most hospitals do not have pediatric wards or Neonatal facilities and have to improvise for them.

Other Initiatives by the Foundation

Activity Summary

We have a team of neonatal doctors and surgeons ready to come over and help with a medical outreach in Ghana.

The plan is to invite these doctors to perform surgeries, attend to sick babies and train some neonatal staff to help with the current situation.

It’s our hope that we can achieve these and more in due course.

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