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who we are

Jay Foundation

The Jay Foundation is a non-profit organization set up to support Neonatal facilities; to support premature babies and their mothers and to help counsel mothers with premature and sick babies.


  1. To support premature babies and their mothers
  2. To support neo-natal facilities
  3. To help counsel mothers with premature and sick babies

Long Term Goal

To put up a First CLass Surgical Facility for all Neonates.

behind Jay Foundation

The founder of Jay Foundation holding her daughter, Nyhira, who was born preterm. She is part of the inspiration behind Jay Foundation.

The Jay Foundation is in memory of Jayden Atta Ndase and in honor of Jayda Atta Nhyira.

We want to let mothers going through similar situations to know that it is highly possible that both they and their babies can survive it.  It’s not wrong to be born pre-term, but to die because of that is wrong. Preemies can survive. Nhyira is a living example.

Let’s network. Let’s share our stories. Call +233264762 751 and support a preterm baby today.

Join us as we seek to reduce mortality rate of preemies in Ghana.


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who’s behind

Meet the team behind
Jay Foundation

we are a team made up of highly dedicated professionals, who, inspite of busy schedules, volunteer our time and resources to this noble cause at no extra cost to the foundation.


these are poems specially written for Jay Foundation.


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