Voice of the Speechless


The Jay Foundation is a non-profit organization which supports neonatal facilities/hospitals; to cater for preterm babies as well as their mothers; and provides counseling for mothers with preterm and sick babies.

The foundation was incorporated on December 21, 2018 with its offices located at House No. 3, Beechem Road, Sahara, Dansoman in Accra.

Jay foundation comprises a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the well- being of preterm babies and their mothers.

It will be the ‘voice of the speechless’, and will make periodic donations to babies and their mothers. It will also organize periodic talks/workshops for the parents, doctors, nurses and other care-givers with the ultimate aim of making these babies and their mothers comfortable as well as gracefully welcoming them into their new homes.


Preterm birth is the most common cause of death among infants worldwide. About 15 million babies are preterm each year which represents 5 to 18% of all deliveries. Approximately 0.5% of births are extremely early periviable births, and these account for most of the deaths. In many countries, rates of preterm births have increased between the 1990s and 2010s. Complications from preterm births resulted in 0.81 million deaths in 2015 down from 1.57 million in 1990. The approximated chance of survival at 22 weeks is 6%, at 23 weeks it is 26%, at 24 weeks 55% and at 25 weeks 72%. The chances of survival without any long-term difficulties are however lower.

Our aim is to advocate for these miracle babies who endure a lot but are resistant enough to survive. We will be the voice of the speechless, share in their pain and be there for them.


1. To support neonatal facilities

2. To support premature babies and their mothers

3. To help and counsel mothers with premature and sick babies. 


Our mission is to help preterm babies survive by making periodic donations to babies and their mothers. We will also have periodic talks with the expectant mothers and parents, doctors, nurses and care-givers on how to make these babies and their mothers comfortable and welcome them gracefully into our world. The Jay Foundation will be the voice of the speechless.


Our vision is to help better Neonatal facilities in the country as a whole by providing them with items needed for the survival of preterm babies and by doing so increase the survival rate of preterm babies in the nation.


The Jay Foundation wishes to solicit funding to enable them help preterm babies and their mothers. We also intend to invite experienced Neonatal Doctors from the US, UK and other developed countries to help our facilities and train the medical staff in NICU. We intend to periodically donate to most Neonatal Facilities in all the regions.

About us

A charitable body to champion support and help for preterm births. 

Try a little kindness. Lend a helping hand.