The Jay Foundation Team on the 23rd of March, 2019 donated the following items to the Neonatal Intensive Care and Kangaroo Mother Care units:

  1. 20 Cot sheets
  2. 5 Bedsheets and pillowcases
  3. 15 Baby Eye patches
  4. 10 Bottles of Deva Antibacterial Handwash
  5. 4 big packs of Tissue Paper
  6. Baby Clothes
  7. 10 KMC Carriers
  8. Sticker inscribed with NICU
  9. 2 Pulse Oximeters
  10. 20 Digital Thermometers
  11. 2 Ventilation bag & Masks
  12. 5 Drip Stands
  13. 2 Baby Cribs/Cots
  14. 2 Digital Weighing Scales
  15. 1 Suction Machine
  16. 3 Sudocream (250ml)
  17. 6 Green Plastic Chairs
  18. 5 Bottles of Deva Bleach
  19. 5 Bottles of Deva Surface Cleaner
  20. Food items (Rice, Beans, Milk, Eggs, Palmnut Friuts, Apples and Bananas)
  21. 6 Packs of BelAqua bottled water.

During our initial visits to the unit, the head nurse listed items they needed, most of which are listed above. Their main problem was the space allocated to them, which was unrealistically small considering the number of babies admitted on a daily basis. We therefore brought it to the attention of the Administration in writing and requested that our concerns are treated with the urgency it deserves. As the ‘voice of the speechless’, we will always advocate for these precious babies.

We noticed that the mothers of the preterm babies stand on their feet to nurse and bond with their babies due to lack of chairs. We therefore provided some chairs to help ease their stress and reduce fatigue.

All the above items were donated to reduce the level of infection, increase the survival rate of these babies fighting for their lives and help the mothers during their stay at the hospital.

We placed a NICU sticker at the entrance of the unit for easy accessibility.

The food items were given to the mothers at the Kangaroo Units and packs BelAqua bottled water were given to the mothers and the Staff at the unit.

The list of items needed include the item listed above, Incubators, air conditioners, Hand sanitizers, Radient Warmers, photolyte, boxes of Meronem (antibiotics for babies) monitors and accessories, Television to entertain and educate mothers and finally Funds to take care prescriptions.

Donors and sponsors are warmly welcome and will be appreciated.

We want to appreciate our support team:

Synergy Multimedia: Solutionzbay; Blankpage Solutions; Deva; BelAqua and BelBeverages.

We also appreciate our media support: Joy News & Joy FM, Metro TV, Adom FM & TV, GBC/GTV, UTV Ghana, Peace FM, Starr Online, TV3.