Akua Adjepong – Miracle Baby

At our first general meeting, the team agreed that Baby Akua will be the Foundation’s first project. A GoFundMe account was created.


Miracle baby, Akua Adjepong was preterm (33/40) on the 16th of May 2018 in Accra, Ghana weighing 1.4Kg with an opening in her chest.
After a long month of continuously falling ill and being hospitalised at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra, Baby Akua was well enough to go home.

She however lasted only two weeks at home before falling ill again.
Upon her return to the hospital, Akua was referred for further diagnosis which revealed that she had a hole in heart condition that was unnoticed before birth.

In the medical language, she has a large Peri-membraneous Ventricular Septal Defect, Small Respiratory Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections requiring hospital admission, failure to thrive and a moderate degree of developmental delay.

Akua Adjepong‘s situation has been referred to specialists In India who have accepted to give Baby Akua the opportunity to undergo surgery to close the hole in her heart in January 2019.
The cost of Surgery including post operation investigations, Intensive Unit Care stay and medications, ECG, Echocardiography and blood tests will amount to a total of 8000USD.


It comes with great sadness and a heavy heart to announce that Baby Akua couldn’t hold on any longer and has left us. She died on Sunday 13th January, 2019. Baby Akua Died at the age of 8 months.
This news is painful to us all as she was due to receive treatment this month to help close the hole in her heart but God needed his Angel.
We would like to thank all of you who have showed support in anyway and helped with donations, we have decided to use the funds raised so far towards her funeral and ask if you may help us give our beautiful strong princess the send off she deserves.

Although we started this page to raise funds for her surgery, we now ask for help to help the family sort out her hospital bills and to simply give Akua a beautiful Send off.

Please keep Baby Akua and our family in your prayers.

Once again, Thank you. Help spread the word!

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